“Niagara of the South”

Cumberland Falls "Niagara of the South"

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Corbin, KY has been the location for many weekend adventures for my family. I love to go in early spring or fall when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. That way, you get to experience what I consider the best of the outdoors; hiking during the day with some sunshine on your face and then cozy up to a fire on chilly nights. It is a great reason to rock my flannel shirts and cook on an open fire. My favorite meal to cook on the campfire bears the politically incorrect name  “Hobo Dinner.” Try it out sometime. Yum!

Despite talk of cooking on an open campfire, we don’t exactly “rough it” when we stay at Cumberland Falls. We have always treated ourselves to their executive cottages. Visitors do have their choice of camping, staying in the lodge, a woodland room or an executive cottage when visiting the Falls. Here are some pics of our cottage:

The cabin has a great little nook and fireplace.

Fireplace in the living room

The cabin has four balconies. Two upstairs off the kitchen and living room and then downstairs each bedroom has a balcony. Below you can see signs of spring pictured from the top balcony.

Signs of spring from the balcony.

I love this staircase! Actually, I just love the view. Beautiful!

Stairs with a magnificent view of the woods.

My daughter, Annabelle, was checking out our sleeping arrangements. I think she approves =)

My daughter sitting on the bed.

On Saturday, it was hiking time! The park offers 17 miles of nicely defined trails leading past Cumberland Falls and on to natural sandy beaches, views of rock houses and other waterfalls. Didn’t expect to hear about sandy beaches in Kentucky, huh? I have a picture below to prove it along with some other hiking pics.

Sandy beach on the edge of Cumberland River

Hiking from the cabins to the falls.

Rock house off Trail #7

If you want a view without the hike, the DuPont Lodge observation deck has a great view of the winding Cumberland River. You can also enjoy the Riverview Restaurant as we typically do on Sunday morning before we depart.

Observation deck at DuPont Lodge

View of Cumberland River from the observation deck.

Jay and Annabelle providing some entertainment in the lodge.

Some indoor entertainment at the lodge.

Well, that’s a wrap for this weekend traveller. Look for some more outdoor fun next week!

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